Residing within an extensively modular system, the Cambo Ultima 45D is a 4X5 view camera specifically dedicated to digital capture. Capable of accepting a variety of digital back interface plates and a host of lenses, this monorail-type camera features a full system of camera movements through a series of precise, gear-based controls. This digitally-minded camera is based upon the Ultima foundation and features an 11.8″-long monorail. Yaw-free variable-axis tilt and swing movements enable quick setup with a minimized need for re-composing. Asymmetrical design with zero-position detents also contribute to an intuitive and fast working method. Dual-range focusing furthers this efficiency, along with clearly demarcated focusing, movements and depth of field scales. Constructed from aluminium alloy and taking on a portable form factor, the Ultima 45D is at home in both the studio as well as on location. This camera is easily converted to 2X3 (23D) or 35D with adapter plates, readily available from Cambo.


  • Cambo Ultima D 4X5 monorail camera

Note that the bag bellows pictured in the first photo is not included with this camera.

Camera Features:

  • Front and rear movements include geared rise/fall, geared swing, geared shift and geared axis tilt
  • Center detents
  • Dual-range focusing
  • Graflock-equipped back can easily be mounted in the vertical or horizontal position


Accessories include bellows attachment for Nikon and Canon AF digital and film cameras.



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