LPL easels are still Japanese made from stainless spring steel. Own a little piece of high-quality, precision engineering that will last you a lifetime.

With 4 Blades, the this professional easel has been an industry favourite since its introduction.

The first thing that strikes you about the LPL 4-bladed easel is how well made and rugged it prints with adjustable borders from passport size (2 x 3in.) up to 12 x 16in.; whilst 14 x 17in. prints have a standard border of 1/4 inch.

Five Paper slots hold the paper in position and borders are set by sliding the blade actuators until the desired image size is indicated on the scale.
A rubber base anchors the easel so that it will not shift during loading and unloading and it also features a chemical and moisture resistant base.

Please note: Although the easel will happily hold 12 x 16 inch paper, the maximum printable area is 10.7 x 13.5 inches with this easel on this size.


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