The De Vere 203 vertical enlarger accepts all negative sizes from 110 to 6 x 9cm (6 x 7cm colour) and is a cost-effective alternative to the De Vere 504. This bench standing model has front baseboard controls enabling prints up to 50 x 60cm (20” x 24”). All models are precision engineered and cast from the highest grade aluminium, stainless steel ‘V’ guides are fitted for exceptionally long life and scales are fitted to the column. Optical axis, tilts and negative stage tilts are fitted with click centralised single lever locks.

Using the De-vere Cathomag case we have fitted the Heiland LED Cold Light Source. Using LEDs with the primary colors red, green, and blue allows controlling white light for focusing, as well as controlling any color separately. Even mixed light consisting of green and blue is possible. The luminous colors are adjusted for multigrade paper and deviate at most +/-2 nanometers from the specified wavelength. This head allows for more precise, accurate and repeatable print results. Supplied also with the Heiland Control Unit.

Looking for an enlarger timer? Try the RH Designs Timer 3

Carrier negative inserts up to 6 x 9 are available at £39.00 each.

supplied with Heiland  paper grade control unit(connects to enlarger timer).



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