The De Vere 504 vertical enlarger system accepts all negative sizes from 35mm to 5 x 4” with the correct film masks. With an extensive range of accessories and options, it fulfills all requirements that can be demanded by any photographer. The included bench can allow you to print up to 50 x 60cm (20” x 24”) using the appropriate lens for each negative size, however the enlarger can be wall mounted allowing you to use a bench of any size. Included with the enlarger is a De Vere transformer and a negative carrier.

The Heiland Splitgrade System accelerates the making of high-quality black-and-white photographs on multigrade paper all while offering much more precise and repeatable control over your prints. By measuring areas of light and shadow of the projected negative with the included metering probe, the user determines contrast and brightness on the easel. For over 30 default paper calibrations, a first suggestion for the right exposure will immediately be calculated with 1/10 f-stop / gradation level accuracy. Via the unique filter control with shutter function, these measurements will automatically be transformed into a splitgrade exposure. Included are the Splitgrade Controller, Splitgrade Comfort Control, and the metering probe.