Film Format Range from 135 to 4×5″

‘Closed Loop’ Head, incorporating the monitoring of one ELC 250W lamp, & comprising motorized filtration adjustment.

Integrated shutter controlled exposure timer with % ‘burn in’ facility.

Automatic Compensation of Exposure Time/Lens Magnification/Lens f stop ratios.

Programmable Channels for colour & black/white paper, & with exposure reciprocity compensation facility.

Storage for up to 200 job memory data channels.

Supplied with- control panel, metering probe, 2x diffusion box,2x 39mm diameter lens boards, carrier, instructions.

Negative inserts -35mm, 645,6×6,6×7,6×9, 5×4 glass, available at £49.00 per pair.

Table top size 110x70cm

Enlarger has been serviced by the Durst Pro Engineer. He can also install and demo – cost depending on customers location.


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