The LPL 7451 is one of LPL’s premium 5 x 4″ professional enlarger is the choice of amateurs and professionals alike. Its innovative modular design allows users to switch from colour printing to black and white to variable contrast by swapping out modules. The baseboard and column allow you to make 20×24 inch prints and the head has a light attenuator that reduces light output by two stops without affecting colour temperature, perfect for making small prints . This listing includes the VCCE Variable Contrast Filter Module for use with multigrade papers. Supplied is the transformer for 220V and 240V with optional modules such as the Dichroic Colour Filter Module and B&W Diffusion Module available, which can be changed in seconds. For all formats from 5×4 inch to 35mm, the 7451 is versatile, robust and economical.

Included is a 4 x 5 negative carrier.

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