Beautiful photography requires precision. Never again wonder if your enlarger or copy stand is aligned properly. Find out instantly and accurately. The Parallel Alignment Guide is a small, battery powered, very carefully aligned laser beam projector. Used with the supplied reflectors, it becomes a very clear and simple alignment indicating system. Accuracy of alignment is indicated by the position of the red reflected laser dot. If everything is parallel, the red dot is reflected back to the center of the taget. Misalignment becomes obvious if the dot is anywhere other than the center of the target. The progress of corrective adjustment is easily followed by watching the position of the dot as it moves in response to the changing alignment.

The Parallel is fast and easy. Set the Parallel on the easel and turn it on. Hold the reflector against the face of the lens (or remove lens and substitute the reflector for the negative in the negative carrier) and the alignment is instantly verified. No squinting. The Parallel itself does not need to be carefully aligned or installed. Simply place it close to the middle of the easel. Your hands are now free to work on the equipment. Comes ready to use with any enlarger up to 4×5″


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